• The Skin Warm Up Preset

• 5 day access to the video tutorial on how to download and use your new Christine Deaton Preset (the preset is yours forever!)

What's included?

A quick & easy preset to warm up skin tone

Do you ever wish you could give your client's skin a little warm boost AND keep the white balance of your overall photo true to life?

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• Tutorial video on how I use the Skin Warm Up Preset

This local adjustment preset and video tutorial will help you add warmth to skin in seconds!

I'm a luxury photographer with a heart for capturing all of life’s fleeting moments- specializing in love-soaked editorial portraits of maternity, newborn, and family.

I love finding the perfect balance between lifestyle and editorial photos, and now I'm sharing my photography practices with you!  

In the last 8 years, I've transitioned from being a private boutique editor for several professional photographers around the world to starting my own photography business. I'm not just the professional editor, but I'm now the creative behind the camera too! It's been a wild ride filled with highs and lows. Wherever you are right now, however you are feeling, I’ve been there too and I SEE YOU. I am ready to be your biggest cheerleader every step of the way as you build your dream business.

Through a whole lot of learning, euphoric highs, frustrating lows, and gritty determination I’ve been able to build a successful photography business that books my dream clients. I want the same for you too!

When I'm not photographing or teaching, you can find me baking with my kids, dancing while folding laundry, and singing in the car (at full volume!). I can't wait to meet you and become instant friends!

Your new photography educator & business bestie!

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