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When you decide to be an entrepreneur it’s scary. However, all it takes to start is being brave for 24 hours. It always begins with paperwork, right? You’ve got to start an LLC or sole proprietorship. You’ll need to get a resale tax license, and probably fill out 88 other forms (in a government building […]

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Brave For 24 Hours

Camera settings for lifestyle photography aren’t difficult. However, there are times we miss the mark (raising my hand over here, guilty!). Why? As photographers, we are given the challenge of organizing family poses, keeping the attention of their furry friends, and breaking the ice when it comes to nerves in front of the camera. With […]


Camera Settings for Lifestyle Photography

Hey Photographer… so you’re frustrated and fed up with the editing process, right? You are ready to solve the most common photo editing mistake photographers make. You are ready to finally have the secret sauce. Well, I’ve got it friend! I’m going to tell you how I cracked the code on sun-kissed skin tones and […]


Most Common Photo Editing Mistake

Continually improving my client experience is a top priority! Some years that comes in new products I offer, other years it may be in expanding my photography education. Two years ago it was with a CRM, and not just any CRM. I improve client experience with Honeybook. HoneyBook is a CRM, or Client Relationship Management […]

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Improve Client Experience With Honeybook

There were 4 reasons I rebranded my photography business- and it was a big deal. As a Maternity, Newborn, and Family Photographer, I took the decision to rebrand really seriously because I’m a visual storyteller, and telling the perfect visual story with my brand is a really big undertaking! It was scary to make a […]

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4 Reasons I Rebranded My Photography Business